Hi, I am I. Balachandar from Tamilnadu (India), a professional freelancer, trader and launched this website called ibalachandar.com on October 18, 2017. I am an Electronics and Communication Engineer, graduated from Anna University.

I started my career as a freelancer in 2015, worked on various freelancing platforms. Due to some restrictions, I decided to start my own website, launched ibalachandar.com and providing various services.

I always provide high-quality services to my clients and cuts down 50% of their business expenses. I am helping 20+ International brands, start-ups and thousands of individuals to grow their business. Helping the clients on remote-based is a challenging task but saves a lot of time and cost. Whenever I have free time, I will write some articles to share my thoughts and experience. Apart from freelancing, Trading in National Stock Exchange is my passion and plays a significant role in my life.

Need help to grow your business or any other custom request? Don’t hesitate to contact me via E-mail: [email protected]

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